About Mental Fitness Pro

Welcome to Mental Fitness Pro - a work out for your intelligence.

Human brain is a complex tool, which needs a regular workload as much as our body does. Regular brain fitness exercises are essential for the mind so that it sharpens its vigor and clarity within the course of training like our body improves its muscles day after day in a gym or a fitness center.

MentalFitness Pro is a place where one can hone their mental abilities and sharpen their mind. Fitness exercises for the body target at different groups of muscles, likewise, there are special mental exercises aimed at enhancing mental abilities of the mind, including memory, attention span, decision-making speed, you name it.

There are different logic games on MentalFitness Pro designed to fine-tune mental power. Each game focuses in a specific area of mental activity. In a game you are given simple tasks which you are expected to perform. While you are playing, you get your score which sums up your intellectual achievement. You can monitor your results and train your brain accordingly.

It’s more exciting to play with your friends as competition furthers success. MentalFitness Pro has taken this into account. You can play each game in different ways - not only alone but with your colleagues or friends up to 10 people at a time. You can play with other visitors as well.

You can compete with each other comparing your results and tracking your progress. Surely, it’s more stimulating than playing on your own. So, who is this site for? MentalFitness Pro is a resource for everybody who wants to keep their mind sharp. It is a mental gym and a tracker of intelligence.

With MentalFitness Pro you can:

  • Play development logic games alone or with your friends;
  • Train those aspects of mental activity where you want to progress;
  • Watch other visitors playing;
  • Monitor your achievements on all aspects of mental activity;
  • Compare your results with the results of other players;
  • Train regularly to fine-tune your brain work;
  • Identify the propensities and characteristics of intelligence.

It is easy to navigate Mental Fitness Pro. You are not expected to perform any any complicated procedures. Just enter the site, choose a game and go ahead! You do not have to register. All your data on exercises are saved automatically and anonymously. And all this is free of charge. Should you decide to register, you can access our site via various devices: your computer, laptop or smartphone.

Welcome to our site! Good luck in games and exercises! Flick a switch on your mind! Keep your mind razor sharp!